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1) Find print books by their Call Numbers:

Below is a selection of books from the AST collection related to the subject "Ethics"


Hint:  Try browsing the shelves around these books to find others related to the subject


Ethics (General/Introductory):

Doing Right and Being Good: Catholic and Protestant Readings in Christian Ethics BJ 1251 D65 2005
Christian Ethics and Contemporary Moral Problems BJ 1251 B28 1999
Ethics and the Old Testament BS 1199 E8 B37 1998
Christian Ethics: Sources of the Living Tradition BJ 1201 B4
Bible & Ethics in the Christian Life BS 680 E84 B57 1989
From Christ to the World: Introductory Readings in Christian Ethics BJ 1191 F76 1994
The Cambridge Companion to Christian Ethics BJ 1251 C246 2001
Ethics from a Theocentric Perspective BJ 1251 G876 2
Moral Discernment in Christian Life: Essays in Theological Ethics BJ 1251 G8755 2007
Theology and Christian Ethics BJ 1251 G88
Introduction to Christian Ethics: A Reader BJ 1249 I57 1989
Character and the Christian Life: A Study in Theological Ethics BJ 1521 H355
Choosing the Good: Christian Ethics in a Complex World BJ 1251 H585 2002
Principles of Christian Ethics BJ 1251 K53 
God in the Dock: Essays on Theology and Ethics BR 85 L484
Beyond the Pale: Reading Ethics from the Margins BJ 1275 B49 2011
Christian Ethics: A Historical Introduction BJ 1201 W64 2010


Medical/Healthcare Ethics:

Healthcare Ethics: A Theological Analysis R 724 A74 1989
Issues in Sexual and Medical Ethics BX 1759 C85
Ethics of Genetic Engineering QH 438.7 E85 1998
On Moral Medicine: Theological Perspectives in Medical Ethics R 724 O58 1987
Playing God?: Genetic Determinism and Human Freedom QH 438.7 P48 2003
Ethics at the Edges of Life: Medical and Legal Intersections R 724 R3
Body of Compassion: Ethics, Medicine, and the Church R 725.56 S54 1999


Ethics and Pastoral Care:

Religious Ethics and Pastoral Care BV 4011.5 B77 1983
Gentle Shepherding: Pastoral Ethics and Leadership BV 4011.5 B87 2006
Is Nothing Sacred?: When Sex Invades the Pastoral Relationship BV 4011.5 F67 1989
Ethics in Pastoral Ministry BV 4011.5 G85 1996

Practice What you Preach: Virtues, Ethics, and Power in the Lives of Pastoral Ministers

and their Congregations

BV 4011.5 P73 1999
Ethics and Spiritual Care: A Guide for Pastors, Chaplains, and Spiritual Directors BV 4011.5 L42 2000
Christian Counseling Ethics: A Handbook for Therapists, Pastors and Counselors BV 4012.2 C516 1997


Sexual Ethics:

Between the Sexes: Foundations for a Christian Ethics of Sexuality BT 708 C28 1985
Issues in Sexual and Medical Ethics BX 1759 C85
Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics BJ 1253 B615 1965
Body, Sex, and Pleasure: Reconstructing Christian Sexual Ethics BX 1795 S48 G83 1994
Ethics of Sex BT 708 J67 2002
Theology and Sexuality: Classic and Contemporary Readings BT 708 T45 2002


2) Search by Subjects in the Online Library Catalogue:

Select "Advanced Search" then "Atlantic School of Theology catalogue only". Under "Filters" select "Subject" and enter one of the following below:


Ethics, Animal

Ethics, Medical

Ethics, Sexual

Ethics, Bible

Ethics, Scripture

Ethics, Ministry

Ethics, Pastor

Ethic* (if you attach an asterisk to the end of  the root word "Ethic" the catalogue will look up

               all variations of that word such as ethics, ethical, ethically).


3) Reference Sources

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias:

Dictionary of Scripture and Ethics BS 680 E84 D53 2011
Historical Dictionary of Ethics BJ 71 G46 2008
Encyclopedia of Ethics BJ 63 E45 2001 v.1-3
Dictionary of Ethics, Theology, and Society BJ 63 D53 1996
New Dictionary of Christian Ethics & Pastoral Theology BJ 1199 N495 1995
Encyclopedia of Biblical and Christian Ethics BJ 1199 E53 1987
Westminster Dictionary of Christian Ethics BJ 1199 W47 1986
Hastings Center's Bibliography of Ethics, Biomedicine, and Professional Responsibility Z 6675 E8 H37 1984
Dictionary of Christian Ethics

BJ 63 M3


Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL):

  • Includes online multi-volume encyclopedias, handbooks, and specialized reference sources
  • Subject areas covered include History, Law, Religion, and the Social Sciences


Select titles in the GVRL:

Encyclopedia of Bioethics

Encyclopedia of Environment and Society

Encyclopedia of Disability

Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice

Encyclopedia of Death and the Human Experience

Gender Issues and Sexuality: Primary Sources 


4) Journals

To find journal titles (not articles) select the "Journals A-Z" tab in the Online Library Catalogue 


You can also browse the library's most recent print journal subscriptions located on the third floor or explore our back issues in the basement of the library.

Some current print journal subscriptions are:


Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics

Science, Engineering, and Ethics

Nursing Ethics

Journal of Psychology and Christianity

Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics

 Christian Bioethics: Non-ecumenical Studies in Medical Morality

Journal of Religious Ethics

Studies in Christian Ethics


5) Article Databases

ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials

  • Full text articles on biblical archaeology; church history, mission, and ecumenism; pastoral ministry; theology, religion, philosophy, and ethics

Academic Search Premier

  • A multidiscipline database containing full text articles in 15 major areas of academic study including theology, religion, philosophy, and ethics

Directory of Open Access Journals 

  • An online directory of open access  journals. Includes peer-reviewed journals and full text articles

6) Online Resources

Philpapers: Online Research in Philosophy

Tyndale Seminary Christian Ethics Reading Room



Have a question?  Please contact the AST Library for assistance.

AST Library Website


Soul Tending: Life Forming Practices for Older Youth and Young Adults
On Moral Medicine: Theological Perspectives in Medical Ethics

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